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San Francisco, CA

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Halley Bass

Halley is a free-spiritied Jewish soul born with roots in the Midwest, Chicago. After graduating college, she uprooted to Austin, Texas for a couple of years before making her spiritual pilgrimage to Berkeley where she now works as an art teacher at Temple Isaiah and continues her job helping companies connect with community as a social media marketing consultant. Halley hopes to cultivate peace and wholeness for all in the Moishe House through creative self-expression and togetherness. Be it through art, singing, meditation, socializing, or just reflection on life through the lens of compassion-Halley looks forward to sharing this journey with the Moishe House community!

Shlomo Goltz

Moved here from Chicago, where I recently finished grad school at the Institute of Design. I am an interaction designer, do some freelance graphic design on the side, and just joined a cool organization called Moishe House that plans free social events in the city every month; everything from beer tastings, hikes, and parties. I love listening to electronic music, KEXP 90.3 FM (Seattle radio), and my new fav shows are Breaking Bad and Portlandia. Iíll try anything twice (because everyone knows the first time is just for practice), I like hiking, biking, improv comedy, and I'm constantly on the prowl looking for the next thing to do.

Megan Ochoa

I am relatively new to the Bay area and I'm simply relishing every second. I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas and have been in California almost two years now. I am an musician/singer/songwriter as well. I'm looking forward to all the incredible experiences that await me on this new chapter in my life!

Jeremy Shuback

Jeremy Shuback works as an Animation Producer at G-dcast, a Jewish non profit dedicated to animating the Torah for today. He's led High Holiday services at Michigan State University alongside Moishe House's Rabbi and Director of Immersive Learning Dan Horwitz, and led a couple of Birthright trips in 2012. His Judaic background draws greatly from his parents who brought him up in a conservative observant Jewish household. He comes from a long line of Rabbis, most recently his Grandfather, who was a Rabbi in East Chicago. In addition to his Judaic background, he has worked as a title sequence designer, a background painter for various movies, a social media consultant, a print and web designer, a traveling instructor, and many other jobs/careers. This is in addition to years performing as an improvisor and youtube personality. For more information, please visit his website at

Meg Stewart

I moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in October of 2010. I knew that San Francisco had a lot to offer and I was ready to do some exploring. So i packed up my Honda Element and squeezed me, my sister and my dog, Luna, into the front and we drove cross country. I've started working freelance as a videographer and graphic designer and also tutor special needs kids. When there's a break in the action, I take Luna on adventures all over the bay area. After spending over a year living at Haight & Ashbury I am so excited to now be a part of Moishe House!